Picturing Writing Art Materials

Picturing Writing: Fostering Literacy Through Art® is a crayon resist-based art process chosen because it is user-friendly for classroom use. Most students are comfortable working with crayons and adding a watercolor wash can produce stunning results. With the addition of a few simple texturing techniques such as creating tissue clouds or sprinkling salt on wet watercolor, students add detail to their paintings which they are then able to describe using rich, descriptive language.

I always make my pictures first because then I can get looks at my pictures to help me with my describing words. If I wrote my words first, I wouldn’t be able to see my describing words in my pictures.         – Hannah, grade 2

Teachers can purchase Picturing Writing Classroom Kits in two sizes (20 students and 24 students). Teachers may also create their own custom orders using the Picturing Writing Individual Item Order Form.

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