Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Unit

The Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Unit introduces poetry in a way that is engaging to a wide range of learners. It introduces several simple weather art techniques that help students expand their repertoire of visual effects as well as the use of descriptive language. Students learn how to establish a strong sense of setting and mood through both image and text. A variety of poetry forms—from very simple to more sophisticated—make poetry accessible to writers of all ages. As students engage in word play, their vocabulary and command of descriptive language increases.

Weather Poetry Unit Instructional Materials

Instructional Video

Now available online!

The Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Video teaches poetry in a way that is concrete and engaging. Visit Susan O’Byrne’s third-grade classroom as Susan facilitates Artists/Writers Workshop during her Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Unit. Over 3½ hours of video content offers an overview of the entire unit as well as detailed sample art and writing lessons for three different types of weather.

The Weather Poetry Instructional Video Package includes the 2-disc set of video lessons, a teachers manual, both Picturing Writing weather poetry mentor texts, weather and winter posters, an Artists/Writers Workshop poster, and an Artists Frame.

(Inquire about group rates for multiple copies of printed materials.)

Watch Video Clip: PW Weather Poetry

Teachers Manual

The Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Manual offers a variety poetry lessons and masters to introduce a wide range of poetic forms from simple to more sophisticated. The Weather Poetry Manual is distributed as part of a hands-on Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Workshop or as part of the Weather Poetry Instructional Video Package.

Weather Poetry Mentor Texts

Weather in the North by Beth Olshansky offers a series of crayon resist paintings depicting various types of weather. Sample paintings and accompanying poems follow the same sequence of lessons found in the Picturing Writing Weather Poetry Manual. This is a great resource, especially for those living in a region where it snows. Available in English or French.


Wonderful Wild Weather by Adeline Coombs offers a delightful example of a weather poetry book created by a kindergarten artist/writer. In addition to carefully crafted paintings and poems, Addie’s book contains a Did you know… page opposite each painting/poem which shares facts about that kind of weather. Aligned with the English Language Arts Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, this book combines poetry and informational writing as well as a reflective/opinion piece on the About the Artist/Writer page. This combined format of poetry and informational writing can be used with all grade levels.


Weather Posters

The Weather Techniques Poster offers examples of 8 different kinds of weather created using a variety of simple art techniques. It is designed as a resource for the Weather Poetry Unit – 11” x 17” laminated. Available in English or French.


The Winter Techniques Poster provides examples of 8 different winter techniques that can be used to enhance winter/weather paintings as well as the use of  descriptive language – 11″x 17″ laminated. Available in English or French. 

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