Image-Making Art Materials

Image-Making Within The Writing Process® is a collage-based approach to teaching writing in which students create their own portfolios of hand-painted textured papers. These colorful papers became the raw materials for constructing collage images. Through cutting and pasting, students are able to develop their ideas visually, shape by shape, page by page, before setting pencil to paper.

I made all my collage pictures first. Then I did my words. It was easier because when I was doing the pictures, I thought about my whole story. Later, when I looked at each picture, I saw more detail. I wrote more because I saw more things to write about.        – Noami, grade 3

Ordering Materials

Teachers can purchase Image-Making Classroom Kits and/or Image-Making Mini-Kits to restock consumables. Shipping for these 40+ lb. kits is $45 each rather than the standard 20% shipping fee. Kit contents are listed on the links above.

Teachers may also create their own custom kits by ordering materials below or from the Image-Making Individual Item Order Form. Shipping and handling fees for a la carte consumables are 20% (minimum $10 shipping fee).

Image-Making Complete Classroom Art Materials Kit
Image-Making Mini-Materials Kit
Image-Making Painting Paper-250 sheets/ream
Cardstock paper (250 sheets/ream)
Prang Oval 16-color watercolors
Liquid Watercolors (9 colors, 4 extra containers of frequently used colors)
30 plastic containers/lids for liquid watercolors
#10 Watercolor brush
Bristle brush
Liquid acrylic paint for marbleizing (set of 8)
Marbleizing powder (90 ml)
Aluminum tray for marbleizing
Plastic hair pick
Plexiglas 8½ x 11
Salt Shakers with salt (set of 2)
Plastic wrap
Plastic straws (set of 30)
Ball of string
Clothespins (set of 100)
Coarse sandpaper (2 sheets)
Ribbed plastic sheets for crayon rubbings (2 sheets)
Complete set of sponges
Easel stands (1 dozen)
Large plastic paperclips (1 box)
9” X 12” Oak-tag for accordion folders (pack of 100)
Wet glue stick
Dry glue stick
Permanent extra-fine black marker
IM Artists Frame

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