Picturing Writing and Image-Making Materials

Over the past 3 decades, Beth Olshansky has developed, researched, and refined two art-based literacy models proven effective in improving writing and visual literacy skills of a wide range of learners while fostering a love of picture books. With the goal of creating passionate young readers and writers while also developing students’ artistic abilities, Picturing Writing and Image-Making utilize two distinct classroom-friendly art processes: crayon resist and collage made from hand-painted papers.

Instructional Materials

Working with classroom teachers and their curriculum, Beth has created numerous Picturing Writing and Image-Making units of study and instructional resources to support teacher practice: step-by-step teachers manuals of daily lessons, mentor texts, instructional videos, and classroom posters. Specific instructional materials for each unit are detailed under each individual Picturing Writing and Image-Making Unit.

Art Materials

Over the years, Beth has identified an assortment of good quality, reasonably priced art materials for each art-based literacy model to ensure a positive experience for students and teachers. Understanding that teachers are very busy people, we offer several easy options for purchasing Picturing Writing Art Materials or Image-Making Art Materials, either in classroom-size kits or through an individual item order form.

In Artists/Writers Workshop, we paint pictures with real artists paints and make books full of silver dollar words.     – Nicole, grade 2

You get to make the picture and then the writing. I painted and crayons to make this book. Like an artist, I made my best job on this book.         – Gerome, grade 1

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